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Quinta das Lamelas and Casa das Laranjeiras

An unique Family Heritage

Located near Lamego, mearly 5 minutes driving from Régua, we reach Casa das Laranjeiras and Quinta das Lamelas, the heart of the project.

Here you can find the Family Heritage, started 4 Generations ago, in 1836, by building the familly house. The entire area is surrounded by Orange trees, a very important element that originates the name of the Estate and more importantly some specific characteristics of our wines .

Here's where you can visit us and then taste our best wines...

Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Casa das Laranjeiras
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Chapel - Capela
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Oranges - Vineyard

The Vineyard

At Quinta das Lamelas that we find our oldest vineyards, some over 100 years old. Here traditional Douro red grape varieties such as Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, are planted, often mixed, following the tradition of the Douro until recently. We also find here Vines with more than 50 years of Fernão Pires, a white grape that is very appreciated by us in the preparation of our White Douro Wines.

At Casa das Laranjeiras, we have been restructuring our vineyard recently. For this reason, the average age of the vine varies between 15 and 25 years. In this parcel, the grape varieties are properly identified and separated. This is where we select the base of our best wines, giving great importance to Sousão, which gives our Vintage Port Wines its uniqueness.

Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Socalcos - Terraces
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - vine
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - uva
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Vine - Vineyard - Old vines
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Vine - Vineyard - Old vines
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - gate
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - vindima - harvest - grape - uva
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - Sousao
Quinta das Lamelas - Douro - gate

Harvest, Winemaking and Aging

We believe that the best way to reflect the Best Earth has to offer is by using traditional methods from the vine until the glass.

Our harvest is done entirely by hand, a method that allows us to choose grapes more selectively. It is an hard work often carried out in extreme heat and on steep slopes.

Treading on granite “lagares” remains the winemaking method chosen by us for the winemaking process of our Port wines. After a long day of harvest, the grapes are trodden by a small group together in a special  moment just as technical as youthful.

Finally, our Port wines, after a few months, will find the well-deserved rest in the vats or barrels of chestnut tree wood, some of them for more than 100 years ...

Casa do Vale da Renda and Quinta dos Marecos

At Paços, near Sabrosa we arrive at Quinta dos Marecos and Casa do Vale da Renda.


Up to 550 meters of altitude, here we find exclusively white grapes such as Moscatel, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio or Sercial. Here's where are famous White Ports are born but also our White Douro Wines.

At Quinta dos Marecos, we are also very proud of our Olive Grove, from where we extract an home-made olive-oil that you can taste when you come and visit us.

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