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About us

Mission and Values

Since the acquisition of Quinta das Lamelas by our family in 1836, the constant demand for quality has always been our priority.

However, in addition to quality, we try to reflect what Nature gives us, always respecting the essence of the Douro Demarcated Region but also, more specifically, following the characteristics of our Quintas .

The result is distinct wines with a true identity.

What's different about us

Although we have a clear idea of ​​what distinguishes us, we try, year after year, to present what the Earth offers us.

We believe that, in order to make the most of our treasure, the use of traditional methods is the answer. Thus, at Quinta das Lamelas, the grapes are entirely harvested by hand using only small tractors to facilitate the transport.

Foot treading is the method still used in the winemaking process of our Port Wines.

The result is reflected in our wines that present a very high quality, with a strong identity.

We are Small Producers in the constant search for Great Wines.

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